Sharing is Caring

Twitter is one of the largest social media networks used to publish news along with sharing of photos and videos. It has also an option for to increase followers. Users interact with each other by tweets and messages. They need to get registered to post their photos and videos. Registered users can post tweets along with reading posts of other users. On the other hand, unregistered users can only read other users’ tweets. They can access it on their android phone and web. Twitter has launched recently posting of live videos on Twitter. It is one of the famous features of Twitter for facilitation of users.


It is based in San Francisco, The United States. It has more than 25 offices around the world. It is an online news and social media networking services application for users. They can interact with each other by posting tweets and message infact playing and updating games regarding playing run 3 online. It was created during 2006 by Jack Dorsey.

Live video broadcast on Twitter

Twitter has completed its integration with the live application known as Periscope. Now users can broadcast live videos to interact with other-other people on Twitter. They can enhance their followers in this way. Celebrities can interact with their followers by coming live on Twitter. Users do not need to download Periscope app to broadcast live on Twitter. In addition, they do not need to create their accounts on Periscope for posting live videos on Twitter. They can take views and suggestions on their live videos through heart likes and comments. These live videos can be retweeted by users on the same place.

Benefits of live broadcast feature for users

Users can interact with their fellows and followers more in this way. In addition, they can come live on Twitter from their Android phones and iOS. This feature has helped Twitter to compete with Facebook. Now users of Twitter do not need to join Facebook for coming live with their fellows. This feature is beneficial for users. Users can use it for their personal and business communication. They can interact with their customers and update them by coming live on Twitter. Celebrities can post them behind scene shots live on Twitter to interact with their followers.

Impact of live video feature on Twitter

Each social media network need to update its features. They should extend their services to users in a more technologically advanced era. These social media networks have introduced various features such as posting photos by editing, live videos, stories posting and instant games playing. Twitter is not behind these social media networks in this modern world. It has introduced the feature of the live broadcast of videos for users. It has competed with other networks by introducing this feature such as Facebook. Now users can come live on Twitter to share their activities and information with their followers and fellows. A lot of twitter lovers love to play flash games on
So, live videos and pictures are now more famous on Twitter. Twitter has extended its services to users. Due to this feature, more and more users are joining Twitter to communicate with other people.


Sharing is Caring