Sharing is Caring
Social Media and marketing throughout the years has grown to not only be necessary but included in our everyday lives. In the beginning, it was a way for people that may have been not so social break free to be more self-expressive and meet new people. Also, it has allowed for people to separate social and business lives thus making such relationships easier to maintain. as time goes on I’m sure that it will continue to grow rapidly and one day be in every house hold as a tool for communication, shopping, sharing new ideas, stating opinions, etc. For the time being it is used for simple tasks that still are effective and allow people to do almost anything they please within reasonable standards.
My first experience with social media started in the beginning of my 7th grade year when I made a Facebook account for watch wrestling – and news.  I thought it was a great thing because I could connect with my friends not just in school and meet new people. Seeing all of my friends, class mates, and family members was cool and I always learned new things about them and also got new perspectives on them when it came to certain topics whether it was good or bad. Learning about these things also allowed me to formulate my own opinions and make knowledgeable decisions. After Facebook, I went to Instagram and Tumblr in the 8th grade both I enjoyed extremely and I still use to this day. These social media apps helped me grow as a person because I learned different lessons when on them such as what types of information I should share and what I shouldn’t mostly to protect myself as well as solidifying my self-image when it comes to people who may be checking on me like a school or a job that may be interested in me.
I think joining these social medias have also allowed me to find some valuable resources to help me in today’s society. At this point for me when it comes to the future I need social media so I can basically put myself out there on the slight chance that I’ll be noticed by someone that may hold the same values I do and can collaborate and build. I also have seen that I have access to a wider network of people so they may be able to help me especially when it comes to my future. In the future, I aspire to be a computer science major and add game design in there as well, with social media it’s allowed me to use YouTube to watch videos and better myself in these fields of study.
The way you use social media can also help boost your self-image to have more people take interest in watch wrestling online on social media. Celebrities do this all of the time to so they can promote a music album or an upcoming movie that they’re going to be in. In some peoples’ case who may not be famous they use shout outs to gain a greater following so they can promote themselves like many rappers do. Also, an artist who may want to show their work watermark their pieces so if people share it others will see where it came from and help the artist gain the attention they may need to achieve a goal. So, in the end having a lot of people who follow you and like what you do whatever it may be will not only be a benefit for you but it also creates a multitude of possibilities for your future.
An idea I have for social media in the future is one giant platform so we don’t have to constantly switch back and forth from multiple applications. I also think it’d help stay connected with familiar people because right now you may have a friend who uses one social media site but not another so you may not be able to always stay connected with that person. Another aspect of it would be there’s different sections you can access such as, family, business, friends, etc. My hopes would be that it is fast and efficient so people don’t have to waste much time and get straight to the point when on social media. Social media should be fun, easy to navigate, and overall efficient when being used.
Social media can also help in teaching someone who may not be familiar on a subject something new. When I learn something say in school I may not get the first time and can’t have the teacher reteach it because it would hold back the rest of the class, and that would be where social media comes in. I can go to you tube and ask it to search a topic i.e. Math and it would pull up a variety of videos to assist me and I can choose which would suit my style of learning so I may understand and learn that topic fast so I don’t fall behind. During a big group project communication is key so having a resource that allows you to bounce ideas back and forth with your group to accomplish your tasks faster with ease and no one person is doing all the work also, so everyone’s ideas are expressed fairly so no one feels left out and that there is equal contribution in completing the project.
In conclusion, there are an infinite number of benefits when it comes to social media marketing it can help anyone advance further in their any endeavor. Social media can be used in many ways and as it continues to grow so do the possibilities that come with it. I think every person know matter where they live should have access to social media so they may spread their ideals and create a future for themselves and their family for futures to come. Overall in my experience I love all that I have gained from social media marketing and hope to continue to gain from it also, I shall keep on sharing anything new I find with my friends, family, and peers so they may also attain the vast “wealth” that I have.
Sharing is Caring