piani tiles

Piano Tiles was a game that you would pick up and try with your friends. You would then see their score and mostly you would try to prove how bad they’re at the game as compared to you. The game was ideal for the young people. The two later versions follow the same philosophy but are not more like the original game.

The game developer

Cheetah Mobile is the developer of the second version with help from the main developers of the game Hu Wen Zeng. Initially, the second game was opened to the public in mid-August 2014 and did well just as you should expect with any good game. Then popularity of the game has always been growing including after the release of the third version of the game.


How to play Piano Tiles

Piano Tile 2

The producers of Piano Tiles have not done many alterations to the original game and therefore it is easy to play these games. To start the Piano Tile 2 game you will need to pick one song that you will like to play throughout the game. Then you will see your separate columns on the screen of your device. The columns will have files that will be flowing down to the bottom of your screen and your objective will be to hit any tile that is not white. Anytime you successfully hit the right tile, the game will continue playing a piano note in the song you selected. You should continue hitting the notes and move on through the song up to the point you will mess up in one way or the other.

Anytime you complete a song, the game will reward to you to a bonus stage whereby you will try and tap tiles which will be flowing towards you. The special tiles are a kind of currency which you can use to purchase some extra songs at that moment or later. After you are through with the bonus stage, you will get back to the initial stage where you will play the song but faster than you did before.

piani tiles 2

Piano Tile 3

Piano Tiles 3 is a very interesting game which also appears to be very simple but getting a high score in this game can be very hard. To play this game you only need to tap the colorful tiles and the game will start. Anytime you tap a white tile or a red crump you will end the game. Typically, this is a challenge of your ability and endurance which you may need to try. The modes in the third version include the shooting mode, the side mode, the 2048 mode, the energy storage and the reverse mode.

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The Piano Tiles description

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the more recent two versions of Piano Tiles are more like the original version considering that they are a continuation of the original version. The fact that Piano Tiles hasn’t changed the gameplay is one big highlight about these games. Picking up the game and getting into grips with it is something easy – you will not take more than a few seconds to understand exactly what you have to do. You should avoid the white tiles and you will have got the gist of this game down. Normally, the games that are very easy may turn you off and you may not like the idea of playing them again and again but Piano Tiles are easier to pick up and you can play them as you please. Piano Tiles are among the few mobile app games which you can open up for several minutes and know that you will have fun with them regardless of the situation.soccer games

But no matter how fun the last two versions are, when compared to the first game, they are not the best. During the upgrade the producer removed almost every game mode leaving only two game modes, the Rush and the Classic in the Piano Tile 2 but added some more in the Piano Tile 3. On the upside, the two modes in Piano Tile 2 will allow you to play up to the point where you will slip up and fail the song. But the fact that Piano 2 and 3 lacks so much variety really puts a damper on the games as a whole.

Another thing that is positive about Piano Games is the audio and the soundtrack. What you should expect in any music rhythm game is great audio quality and good music, something that the games have. But of course, this is with an assumption that you enjoy classical music. All the songs that you will unlock and play in the games are classical and as a matter of fact not everyone will enjoy classical music. The games also feature some songs that aren’t classical such as the Mario Bros theme but anyone will like music that will fit their taste while playing any game. And the lack of various genres in these games can be a great concern. Personally, I enjoy classical music which might be the main reason that I highly enjoy playing these games.

By considering the design, the sequel versions have highly improved. The original Piano Tiles had a simple look and did not involve lots of style. However, the Sequel versions have improved on the design part and the visuals by a large part. This may not look different in terms of game play but the sequel versions appear to be better than the original one.gamefudge
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• Piano tiles are easy and fun games but can still get challenging
• They feature lovely sound quality and good music to play through
• The third game has many improvements

The cons

• The music may not fit anyone’s taste
• Unnecessary energy system
• The third game doesn’t have the many modes the original game had
• The removal of several modes from the original game has led to loss of variety Geometry Dash

The bottom line

Piano Tiles 1, 2 and 3 has done several things right. The games have many advanced features such as high sound quality and great design in the 2nd and the 3rd versions. However, the sequel versions lack some of the initial features which made the first game great. You can also play the games on your PC and moreover you can play the games at any time and from any place. The difficulty of every field will depend on the song you have selected. orion sandbox